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CES 2012

This was my first experience at CES and definitely not my last. I had a blast! So much to see. So much new technology! Apps, apps and more apps.

The Package 2: To Korea and Beyond!

Ross With Package

The Package 2

You may want to re-read The Package, an earlier blog, to re-fresh the history of this package. Basically, this package was shipped from Las Vegas to Korea during the first week I left which was the very beginning of June. The package took like 10 days to arrive and then went through a whole lot of red tape and I didn’t see it for a few more weeks, right up to the week I was going to fly back.

So, unfortunately, my one year journey of living and working abroad in Korea was only going to be a month-long. I decided to use that same package to ship back to Las Vegas. This was a few days before my flight back, on July 9th I believe. I wanted to do what I could to avoid any overweight fees on luggage like I had flying to Korea. I filled the package with ESL and screenwriting books and resources. Saving myself some dough, I opted to ship via boat, but that meant it would take anytime from 2 weeks to two or three months. Finally, a few days ago, about August 25th the package came home.

In the video above which had been filmed July 4th weekend there are references to ‘the package.’ Skype made it effortlessly to connect with my family during some rough times abroad. To infinity and beyond!

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