Fasten your seat belt as a progressive artist, whose imaginative stories, catchy dialogue and colorful characters, takes you on the wildest adventures.

After graduation from the University of Hartford in CT with a B.A. in English, I continued my film education at Columbia College-Hollywood and received a B.A. in Cinema.

In 2003, I was a semi-finalist in the Fade In Screenplay Competition for a combination of two screenplays, “American Quest” and “Happy Trails.” “American Quest” moved on to Phase Two of the Carl Sautter Memorial Scriptwriting Competition. “American Quest” also placed in the top 30% at the 2003 American Accolades Competition. “Happy Trails” advanced to the 2nd Round of the Austin Film Festival 1999 Heart of Film Screenplay Competition.

Currently, I am involved with a screenwriters group that has actors doing cold readings of  a writer’s material and then giving the writer instant feedback and coverage. Check out 

I produced, co-wrote and co-directed a low-budget independent feature film, “Rubbenecking” starring Corbin Bernsen, Arye Gross, Renee O’Connor and Debra Wilson. “Rubbernecking” was at the IFP Market in NY. The film has screened at various film festivals. Check out: Rubbernecking movie

“Do you know what it’s like to be this close to something you want so bad…and you never get it?” – “The Turnaround”

“The Turnaround” is a short 16MM film I wrote, produced and directed. It was the ‘Best of the Fest’ at the Rochester Intl. Film Festival. “The Turnaround” was first mentioned in the Slamdance Video  Market before screening at various other festivals and the IFP Market in NY.

“A Dose of Reality” a short film shot on Reversal black and white 16MM film, is a scene from my first screenplay. SKY, a male rocker, 20’s, struggles  with the death of a close friend because of substance abuse. SKIN, a female rocker, talks Sky into seeking rehabilitation.

Earlier in my writing career I wrote a television spec script. It’s a TV spec of an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ called “Cheap Shots.”

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