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Uberschall @ Double Down

Elvis (Lederer) has left the Venetian. The writing on this wall said ‘Shut up and Drink.’ The bar patrons were all mesmerized by the three drummers, two guitarists and one bassist that make up Uberschall, which means ‘supersonic’ in German. This very fitting name may not ring a bell, but the band members are mostly from the current line-up of the Blue Man Group. Uberschall formed in 2000 when the members of Blue Man Group sought out an improvisational and experimental outlet away from the PVC pipes and blue faces. At roughly 12am, the band members strolled into the bar, one by one, setting up their equipment. Guitars were tuned. Drums were hit. The last drummer, Todd Waetzig, arrived to set up.

Soon after, Waetzig started warming up, pounding the drums and setting a rhythm. The two other drummers followed suit as if they were a part of a loud drum circle. The guitarists chimed in and the musicians rode the wave of an improvisational journey not knowing exactly where they would end up. They just felt the music and followed their gut. The music flowed in one direction and at some point went in another direction. The pace slowed down and then picked up. They jammed for about 20 minutes or so and took a short break. The follow-up jam session started out very differently with a slower, mellower pace set by Elvis Lederer, 40’s, the guitarist and the band’s general manager. His soft wailing vibrated throughout the bar like whale sounds, summoning his band mates to find their places. One bar patron started dancing to the wailing sounds and psychedelic vibes. The pace picked up. Drummers pounded into a frenzy. You get a sense that the session is very different every time. Uberschall plays at Double Down on the last Sunday of every month.

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