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First Time in Seoul – Itaewon and Garwol

My first weekend involved a lot of firsts. It was my first time riding the train. It was my first time heading to Seoul. The other teachers and I went to Itaewon, a heavily populated area for tourists, foreigners and the military. We ate at a Mexican restaurant, Los Amigos, and it was fantastic! I thought I had left good Mexican food behind me in LA.

I exchanged some money. I bought a book on the history of Korea at a bookstore called What the Book? Then we headed to Coffee Bean. That’s right. There are Coffee Beans here. Ne! (Yes!) It only took about 12 minutes to order, make that explain that I wanted a bag of coffee (kuh-pi) grounded up and a separate iced blended mocha with soy. I spoke to 3 different people behind the counter. Finally, I got my drink and my grounded coffee. It was a funny experience. The last counter person and I shared a laugh. It was so worth it. I need to learn Korean fast!

Then the other teachers and I headed to class. We had to hop back on the train. The class was great and I plan on attending weekly. Then I had another first as we had boba after eating some Korean food. The classes all go out to eat afterwards. My boba was just strawberry banana fruit. I can’t have smoothies due to being lactose intolerant. But that was my first boba. Slurp, slurp.

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