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Roger Sings Tommy

Tommy can you hear me?

Imagine how many Twitter followers Tommy would have today? A fan from the audience tried to speak with Roger Daltrey towards the end of the show at The Joint in Las Vegas. Roger, or should I say Tommy, could not hear them. He could hear the spirited older crowd in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s Saturday night, October 22, cheering, singing and dancing the night away.

Roger mentioned that the band playing on stage was definitely not The Who. But Roger was definitely ‘Roger’ as his voice was superb. For someone who’s had voice problems and surgery, Roger brought back Tommy in a glorious rock and roll style.

See Me, Feel Me

Visual effects accompanied Roger and enhanced the story of Tommy, ‘a classic’ Roger said after getting through the entire album. Assuming there’s no teenagers in the audience, Roger wondered about the music and lyrics lasting the test of time. It’s a salute to Pete Townsend and his bandmates of the past; bassist John Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon. Pete Townsend continues to struggle with ear problems.

Roger hinted that they (him and long-time bandmate Pete) were not done yet. That sparked more cheers from the aging crowd. After all, this little tour was originally meant to be one show for charity and was encouraged to tour.

Sally Simpson

I’m Free

Tommy is timeless because of its themes of isolation, acceptance, sexual abuse, murder, religion and more. There are so many levels to Tommy. The story is told so well that it grows on you over time. And the times may change, but those themes remain the same. Even Sally Simpson got an upgrade as the visual effects had her laying on her bed buried in her laptop computer.

Who Are You

The band on stage may not have been The Who, but they sounded great! He may not be his older brother, but Simon Townsend vocally sounds a bit like him, singing all the parts his brother would be singing if present.

Simon Townsend

The Kids Are Alright

Roger lead the band through hits by The Who; “Who Are You,” “The Kids Are Alright,” “Behind Blue Eyes” and “Going Mobile,””Baba O’Reilly,” “My Generation” and ended with “Blue, Red & Grey.”  Roger played homage to Johnny Cash playing a medley of songs; “I Got Stripes,” “Folsom Prison” and “Ring of Fire.” It was Roger’s effort to keep another artist’s music alive.

The Who’s music won’t go away anytime soon with the next generation keeping their music alive with acts like Pearl Jam and TV shows like ‘CSI.’ Amazing show!

The following footage I filmed with my little Canon Powershot camera. I wasn’t very close, but you can always zoom in.

Long live rock!

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