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What Are They Wearing?

Korean Guy Wearing Baseball Cap on Train

Korean Guy Wearing Baseball Cap on Train

Play ball! Baseball is very popular in South Korea. Oddly enough, their team names are in English such as Lions and Tigers, etc. Walking around Seoul, especially Itaewon, you feel like you’re in a big city populated by American baseball fans. It seemed like every other Korean wearing a baseball cap was sporting a NY Yankees logo. Yankee fans in South Korea? Sweet! Go Yankees! Oh, wait! They’re sporting Red Sox caps too. BOO! Apparently, there’s some story connected to the Cleveland Indians’ logo as many Koreans wear Indian caps too.

The other thing you’ll notice about the photo is that the NY symbol is in PINK! Pink? Yes, pink. Pink is a popular color in South Korea. Parents don’t distinguish colors for boys and girls when planning playrooms or bedrooms for babies. That’s probably why so many men wear pink, not to mention PURSES!


Koreans in Front of Hospital in Pajamas


If you were say riding a train in America and at the next stop a person enters wearing hospital pajamas you might think the were an escapee from a mental institution. Koreans commonly ride the trains or walk the streets immediately after being at a hospital. They don’t have a change of clothes. I don’t know if they entered the hospital without clothes or were found naked. It’s all very typical there in South Korea to see patients just released wearing hospital gowns and medical bracelets.

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