Melvins Lite

Buzz Osbourne

“We broke the record we set last night in Phoenix,” said Buzz Osbourne, lead singer/guitarist of sludge metal band The Melvins Lite. The trio has embarked on a grueling tour in support of their latest release Freak Puke. The tour is more of a mission; 51 dates in 50 states in 51 days including Washington D.C. They’re attempting to break a Guinness Book of World Records to be the fastest tour by a band in the U.S. currently held by George Thorogood. Osbourne was accompanied by drummer/singer Dale Crover and Trevor Dunn on a stand-up bass.

Switching up from the usual 4-piece band with two drummers to the trio with Dunn on bass is why

Bassist Trevor Dunn

they’re called The Melvins Lite. There was nothing ‘Lite’ about it. Osbourne, with his signature grey, ragged hair, black long-sleeve shirt and what looked like sequins, thrashed about on stage, leading the rockers furiously. Bass player Trevor Dunn wore a brown baseball cap, white button-down shirt and a tie. Is this Dunn’s Angus Young (AC/DC) Halloween costume? Dunn got the flannel-wearing crowd of 30 and 40-somethings revved up with his thrilling bass solo from dark, spooky riffs to the pleasant sounds of “Over the Rainbow.” Drummer Dale Crover, mid-40’s, tee-shirt and jeans, re-entered from backstage and told the crowd, “Sing it Bitch!”

Crover got a surprise on-stage before their set as ‘Professional Weirdo’ Jenn O. Cide, a very tall, tattooed, busty brunette, lit up the room with her lengthy ‘fire fingers.’ She then lit the candles on Dale Crover’s cake and led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday” to Crover.

Jenn O. Cide Lights up

Melvins Lite, on their 49th date of this record-breaking tour, has stuck together since the early 80’s. This hard-working band played with great confidence and spirit. It was a solid performance including songs “Mr. Rip Off,” “Electric Flower” and Wings cover “Let Me Roll It.” At the end, Crover shouted, “Let’s get fucking shit-faced!” And with that the band exited the stage. George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone” played immediately afterwards. Look out, George! 

The show took place at Las Vegas Country Saloon.
Link to article in Vegas Seven Magazine

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